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April 14, 2013



I mentioned in the "fear of failure" post (apparently, I am reading these in backward order!) that I like to read all of yours (& others!) after I wrote.... I am struck about your choice of a puzzle for Mojo, and I chose maracas. they both are in pieces that are suited to be part of a greater whole. I had imagined my maracas spilling and becoming useless, justlike you scattered puzzle pieces ... Is there something about having mojo" that heals some sense of being fragmented?
Hmmm... I hope i am not stretching here, but your image of an old timey blue typewriter, I imagine the keys and I imagine those little bars with the letters that would press the inked ribbon to create letters... Your letters were pieces too, and when typed, you were putting all pieces of a broken mojo back together again.... Assembling thoughts to become whole....


And I love that pic! Juice!!


The blue typewriter!! Wow. Nice callback! I have always loved your writing and envied that you had it-- such a powerful touchstone to return to when you need to find your way. I hoped I was right when I suggested this as a first step on this new path, and I am so happy to be on it with you this time! A little bit of your mojo has rubbed off on me...
And... "I do not repeat myself!"

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