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April 16, 2013



"...why do I see the picture of failure so much more clearly? Because I choose to." Nice. So true. I see the way you reason through things and the way you pose a question to yourself and then answer it so beautifully in how you live your life more and more every day. Keep going, grasshopper... You are the change you want to see in the world!


& that Eleanor quote ROCKS!!


I like reading your posts after I write mine to see what is similar what is different ~ We both used the word "dangerous" ... We both touched upon the idea of "deserving success" ~ Many times while reading yours, I thought "that is what I was trying to say!" :) you have a gift for capturing a specific feeling and bringing to the present with your words! I am glad you are living "dangerously" & doing what you are good at! :)

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