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October 13, 2006



All I can say is - Ditto.
You don't want to see my list of fears. My therapist and I are working to check off each item weekly :)

Kerri P

Hi Casey,
Great blog & great suggestion for Studio Friday. Wonderful poem. Really hit the mark for me. thanks.


You put it so perfect in a poem! Feel a lot the same way.


Wow. Powerful. Thank you for sharing Casey and thank you for suggesting the topic. It put me in a happy place.



PS..you should take your husband dancing this weekend.


you have got to LOVE starbucks. they inspire! :) thanks for the dedication! i love you and you are brave... keep pushing yourself... oh by the way - i heard your lady down at that store just got back from pakland. i was at the airport to welcome the team in - i knew the leaders. i didn't know which person she was, but i was there :)

Silvia Salix

I came across a quote the other day..
" Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight." ~Benjamin Franklin
When you said "they are not fact, they are not truth", it reminded me of Ben's quote. And the sunlight is the passion!


This is wonderful...so expressive!

Ouissi x

tongue in cheek

Oh!! You have a wonderful, full od depth, and calm, and faithful blog...I love the title and your images!! Thank you for bringing me here!!

Carrie Sommer

Oh, this is so beautiful, and so right on. I might need to cut and paste it, print it out, and hang it in my studio. Great post.


I am a superhero out to conquer all fear! Love your topic choice this week! Nice and fresh and something I hadn't ever really thought about before! Thanks for making me dig deep!
~ have a great weekend ~


Don't be afraid of the caffiene addiction. Embrace it! ha ha

Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing


Wow! What a powerful message you have communicated here. I love your take on the whole fear thing especially when you say, "It is when our passion is stronger than our fear that we will truly find ourselves."

You hit it on the head IMO!

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